Student Health Questionnaire (SHQ)


This survey is a mixture of items and images designed to allow you to display how you are feeling generally and how you are coping with the ‘student experience’.

It is NOT a test or a questionnaire in the traditional sense.

The data that we collect remains anonymous1 as our project is only concerned with the analysis of the aggregated data.

However, you will personally receive immediate feedback, which is for your eyes only!

[You can share the information with whomever you want; it is for you to make use of how you will].

If you would like further details or some information about individual coaching that is available, please contact us at:

The exercise is to help you with your own self-awareness and self-development, so please be as honest with your responses as possible. The survey will take about 3-5 minutes to complete.


1 The survey is designed and administered by a team of Business & Consumer Psychologists working within the British Psychological Society (BPS)’s guidelines for quality and ethics. You can withdraw from the survey at any time.